My name is Francisco J. Moreno, I started in photography as an amateur, and across many years I've developed and improved my skills in this nice activity.

Practicing photography has led me to observe our world and details of its wonders, sometimes unnoticed by many people.


My interest in photographic ranges from portraits to B&W and others.

Taking pictures at El Yeso dam (RM)

You will find in the Gallery section a small part of my work in different areas, like digital books/portraits, film books/portraits, and general photography.

Taking my first pictures, age 6.

Usually I'm organizing photo shoots, so I am looking for models, makeup artists and clothing designers with ideas or projects we could develop together. Futhermore I take part in photographic trips with enthusiastic people. In the Contact section there's a form to write down opinions and questions.




Doing some urban photography.

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